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The Governors Palace in Colonial Williamsburg. The whole tourist town has been restored as it was when it was the State Capitol of Virginia at the time of the War of Independance. Very well done and a great place to spend a couple of days and evenings.
Every building has been restored perfectly or rebuilt from original plans, all the workers wear the costumes worn at that time. Educational, but great fun
Close by was this car ferry across the river. Had to go on it as it sailed from Norfolk to Suffolk, just like back in the UK
Reenactment every day of War for Independance, Flutes and Drum bands and Cannons and Muskets. Lots of noise and a great way to end the afternoon
Got speaking to some of the Locals and they wished the British were still in charge! Told them we have managed to mess up our Country, so even with George Bush, they are better off than we are!!
Williamsburg at Night is when the Ghosts and Goolies come out. This was our guide for a tour of the Dark Side of Williamsburg
The mans name is Fred and he works for American Guided Tours, it is worth looking them up as their tours are better than the Williamsburg Organised ones and Fred was the best. A very enjoyable couple of hours (And scarey)