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Children grew out of Little Citroen C3, had to invest in a C5. What a gorgeous car, just love it. Cheap as well!!!
Feature of seafront Princess Royal Fountains, kids encouraged to play in them (Not like other Princess fountains!)
Would have preferred money to go towards another bridge though!
Very cooling on those hot Summer afternoons
Lowestoft Beach when the Annual Air Festival is on (Last Thursday and Friday in July, followed by Formula 1 Powerboating at the weekend). Quite busy! Over half a million people came last year. We only ask that people put a Pound in the bucket to keep it going the next year and every year 80% of the people are too tight to spend One Pound.
Rest of the year it is a great beach (We won Britains Beach of The Year a few years ago) to lay down on and enjoy the Sunshine
Local beach 5 minutes walk from house, secluded and quieter than main beaches
Assorted training surfaces, wet sand, dry sand and calf sapping shingle
Great for a gentle family stroll on a Sunday afternoon.