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Somerleyton School, From 5 years to 11, a real school with flying blackboard cleaners and chalk used for dicipline purposes (The good old days)
Mrs Barwood ruled here for years and years and years!
I managed to pass the 11 plus here. Another sign of how old i am!
Sunnybank Cottages, Herringfleet. Home for first few years of life
Me and 4 local mates used to rampage around the hills here.
2 doors away from Nanny and Grandad, best homemade scones and rice pudding until i met Wendy
Lowestoft Yacht Station, more pleasure yachts than fishing boats now, unfortunately.
Looks great when the tall ships are in port.
A little news paper article from when i did my 52 races in a year to celebrate my 50thy birthday.