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My Running Exploits

Myself and Ian Atkins, Roughnecks. Santa Fe, Britannia. 1986
Note "Good old days", no slicker suits, safety glasses, ear muffs. Still allowed to "Have Fun" offshore then.
One of oldest and still one of best rigs in North Sea. Poor old girl, officially retired in 2010 Transocean Tossers
Odfjell Deep Sea Bergen, 2005-2007 Great time, how an older rig should be.
Embaressed at myself, over 2 years on board and still not much Norwegian learned.
I am a Semi hand now, thats the complete set.
DSB Crew, Reinhart,(Driller), Asbjorn, (Roughneck), Big John Buchan, (Derrickman), me, (AD), Knut, (Roughneck), Atle (Toolpusher)
36" Bit, Real drilling with a great bunch of lads
Working in Norwegian sector, almost a different industry.
Auk Alpha, 2007 (Yes really). Upgrade slightly and drill 23,000ft in 2012
Going to be a challenge! (Rig 82 is not its age, actually built as a land rig in 1953!!)
Always be regarded as my Offshore home, no matter which Rig i am on at the time. Probably had more enjoyment at work here than any other place. it is old, it is rusty, but it proves that the people make the rig. Now being dismantled and a shiny new Drilling Rig installed, put me down for that job!