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"Natural Bridge", had a great day out here. Hugh Bridge formed naturally by River erosion, Caves, Shops, Wax Works etc. A really nice day
Wax Works Naff though, nearly as bad as the ones that used to be in Great Yarmouth, Famous for their Naffness!
Virginia Air and Space Museum. Yet another great attraction. Loads of good exhibits including this. The Apollo 12 Orbitor
Also loads of interactive displays. Enough Buttons and Knobs to keep the boys happy.
Ferry across the James River. Just an average river for around here, only 3 miles wide at this point. Crosses into Suffolk, so just like being at home. Suffolk, UK to Suffolk, USA.
What can i say about Virginia? Only choose to go there as it was only an hours flight from New York and there were vacancies at the Timeshare Resorts we have points for. Was i surprised at what we found? YES, truly a great area to have a Holiday, Florida was great, but Virginia beats it hands down as far as our whole family is concerned. Still Quality Theme Parks, far friendlier people, beautiful scenery, beaches. Miles and miles of quiet almost unihabited woodlands, great road system, brilliant attractions. Probably the most enjoyable and relaxing holiday i have ever had with the family. Surprise yourself, go there. (PS No horrible British holiday makers either)