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Samuri, This will definitely get you into a spin!
Stealth again, very apt name. It creeps up on you, one second you are sitting there quite peaceful, next second your back is halfway through the seat back.
Almost as impressive an experience is when you are waiting to baord the next train and are standing beside it. You are looking at this hugh lump of steel with bodies strapped in, you blink your eyes and there is only an empty space there.
Stealth, 0.5 seconds after launch and it is just a blur.
Normal coaster position with arms aloft is possible, but must be tensed up and ready. Dislocated shoulders have been known. New Coaster for 2009 at Thorpe Park "Saw" worlds first drop coaster with a drop greater than 90 degrees vertical, yes over 100ft at 100 degrees! Means we have to go down to London again this year sometime! Big Tip, splash the cash and buy "Ultimate Tickets", queuing is for wimps!
Stealth, Train at top of ride. Over 200ft up
This can be seen from miles around. Screams heard as well i would imagine!