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Busch Gardens,Europe
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Viewed from the Sheraton Hotel balcony where we had lunch. A great view and a Buffet Layout to dream about. More good food in one place than i have ever seen.
These are the American Falls, believe it or not, they are the Smaller Falls!!
The Canadian Falls, huge, deafening, drenching. I have to say, if you ever get the tiniest of chances to see these falls, then jump at the chance. The memory will stay with you for the rest of your life.
Maid of the Mist boat can just be seen amongst the spray at the bottom of the Falls, it is impossible to describe what it was like. Put it like this, Phil is 18 years old and not impressed by much. His words were "F**king unbelievable";. Mum not pleased!
Watch a video of us at Niagara Falls, hear the power and the noise. Tested new video camera out for "Splash proofing". I t worked a treat
Like being in a Power Shower