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Still cannot believe i did this. I have flown to work offshore in Noisy uncomfortable helicopters for 24 years, and i actually paid good money to go up in another one!! LATE NEWS, in 2009, This Helicopter collided with a light plane over the river and went down. No survivors!!
Bit different though, flying around Manhatten and the Statue of Liberty compared to landing on the Claymore Platform.
Not the Empire State Building. This is the Chrysler Building (Famous in the Ghost Buster film). Not as tall as the Empire State, but a far more impressive piece of arcitecture
Like walking in a very steep sided valley all day walking around New York. Even on the Roof Top Terrace Bar at midnight, it is still bedlam and constant noise
Have to have a treat when we go to the States. I get to drive a proper car. This time it was a 4.7ltr Chrysler 300 with all the knobs and buttons to keep me and the passengers amused in comfort. What a beast. Shock to the system getting back into the Citroen at the end of the holiday.
Could not afforrd to run it in the UK To fill from reserve cost just £28!! Would be almost £80 in the UK. Thats right petrol in USA still under £2 and boy are they unhappy about it being so EXPENSIVE!!