2014 Wales
2014 USA
Gran Canaria 2011
California 2010
America 2008
Where i used to live
Hobby, Coasters
Me, not at my best!
My Running Exploits

1991ish. Glasses can not detract from my inherent handsomeness, but a poor choice can slightly mar it!!
Note sexy "Porn Star" moustache, removed on Auk Alpha, raised £500 for charity!
Should have gone to "Specsavers".
1991. Phil (Age 1) and me on Lowestoft Beach. One Hunk and one Future Hunk.
Note, Sexy in Speedos, years before Daniel Craig copied the look
The winning Fulmar quiz team. After years of trying, we finally managed to prise the trophy out of the platform boys hands. Well done drilling team
Also 1982ish. Fashion Icon at Wedding
tie also worked as a bib when drunk
I actually though i looked good. Fashion and style from a Farmers son!