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I use to be lucky in that i had 3 parks within 10 miles of my house, only problem is that they are at best OK. Pleasure Wood hills is OK for a day out, but never gets any bigger, swaps its "big" ride for another every couple of years, but never keeps both! Pleasure Beach is typical British Seaside Fair, good entertainment for a couple of hours with a Classic Woodie, Joyland is OK for small children. But if we want serious thrills, it is off to Alton Towers, Thorpe Park or Flamingoland again. But that is not the same after going to Florida and Virginia in the States. Trying to win lottery to make it regular occurence. 

Pleasurewood Hills now has "Wipeout" a proper Boomerang coaster, about time! August 2007.

Pleasure Wood Hills, Lowestoft (Home Town)
Good for a day out, some good rides, never stressful
Joyland and Pleasure Beach, Great Yarmouth. One for little kiddies, one for big and little kiddies!
Has the first Coaster i ever went on, 40 years ago. You still duck to miss the beam on the second drop.