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Kings Domion, Shockwave. I though i had been on all the different ways to scare myself, there cannot be anything i have'nt seen in a Rollercoaster. Can there
Oh Yes there is, Lets try doing it and standing up at the same time! Yes sir, seats are not allowed
We look these water rides out out when it gets really hot!!, Have a laugh at the Girlings getting all wet
PS Also enjoy the strange American Lady who would not stop screaming, its only a raft ride for Petes sake!! Yes the strange accented man is me again, i hate my voice!
Just as scarey as a Rollercoaster. The Battleship Wisconsin in Norfolk, Virginia. One of the ships held in reserve by the USA Navy and opened as an attraction to walk around the decks
Another interesting and surprising attraction. I got lost on the way to here, decided to take smaller roads to see some of the "Real Virginia". Found out that sign posts have not been invented yet out there in the "Boondocks", put some milage on the Chrysler. Journey home to Greensprings 2 hours shorter!
One of the Smaller ships using Norfolk Navel Base. Went on a cruise around the Harbour and boy, do they have some ships in there.
Saw everything from Aircraft Carriers like small towns to Nuclear Subs and Destroyers.