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Now i live in Scotland, the walking opportunities are endless. We love gettng out and about in the countryside

Jan 2015 Loch Muick.jpg
We sometimes take baby with us ("Babys day out" on Facebook) she enjoyed a walk around Loch Muick
Jan 2015 walks corrie fee.jpg
Linda first Munro, at the start of the hike. Sitting here in Corrie Fee, at the base of Meier.
Jan 2015 Walks corrie fee2.jpg
The water fall at the end of Corrie Fee, a fair scramble to get to the top, and then another hour or so to the summit of Meier.
Jan 2015 Walks meier.jpg
Here we are at the top, my second and Linda's first Munro. Meier. 300+ to go now!
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