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I love Roller coasters, here are some pictures of Coasters i have screamed on!! This one is Infusion, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, New 2007, Awesome. Holiday this year was Virginia USA, got to Busch Gardens Europe and Kings Dominion while there to up the ante. Rode Griffon, the tallest Dive coaster in the world. Now ridden 95 coasters (How sad is that, i keep count on the Fan Club site!). See the Griffon in America 2008 elsewhere on this site.

First coaster totally over water, makes clearing up vomit easier i suppose
The Icing on the cake at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

To Robs wife, give them a go in Florida. You will love them once you get over the scared feeling. Once you have done a couple you will be hooked on the feeling.
Incredible Hulk, Universal Studios, Fastest launch, brace yourself
Universal Studios finest, a great day out. 10 times as good as Disney, unless you are under 8 years old!
Head for it as soon as you get in the park, start the day with a RUSH
Duelling Dragons, Universal Islands of adventure. A hell of a riide!. All video clips are courtesy of "Themeparkreview.com". Click on play arrow, takes a minute to load up
Must be ridden from the front row. You know your feet will not touch, but you still try and pull them away.
Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Pepsi Max, The Big One
Once Europes tallest and fastest coaster, still a great coaster