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They even had an Apollo space capsule, very informative.
This is it, the reason to fly 6,000 miles to Virginia. The Griffon, over 200 feet vertically down into loops and water splash. Imagine Alton Towers Oblivion, double the thrill and then with Bells attached
Worlds Tallest Floorless Dive Coaster, living on the Edge takes on a whole new meaning!
Take a look at Loch Ness monster, its a beaut. 30 years old this year and still a great coaster
Was not expecting the tunnel, neither was the screaming girl. (its not me, honest) Although the person going Yee haa in a strange Suffolk accent is me!
A view from the Eiffel Tower in Kings Dominion, Roller Coaster heaven
Just to right of picture is the Hurler wooden coaster. Mad the mistake of riding it with arms raised, got as far as first corner when Phil was thrown into me and i was thrown into the seat side. I still believe i cracked some ribs, unable to ride coasters for rest of holiday (Only 2 days left) and was still in pain 9 months later.