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Main reason to go to New York in 2008, was to fulfill a lifetimes ambition to see The Boss at Giants Stadium. With the Stadium due to be demolished in 2 years time, this was the last chance saloon
This is how close we were, sat and stood for hours to get good place (Ask Steve about his legs!)
Here we are just before the start of the Concert (Ringed at the front). What a venue, better than the old Wembley Stadium in 1985
Had to be a good show, ears ringing for 3 days and throat sore for 2 days. 55,000 people there and 54,500 were behind us!!
Accepting the adulation of the crowd at the end of a stunning show. Over 3 hours long and now after midnight. It must be almost impossible to see a better show than this one
Note i say "Almost impossible", i will keep on going as you never know, he might do a better one!