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Hi there,

 My name is Dave Girling, i am 53 years old, Recently moved to Aberdeen area to be with the love of my life and currently settling into Scottish life and loving every minute. I have 2 great sons, Phillip (24) and Steven (21). I work offshore in the Drilling industry (31 years), now as a  Nightshift Drilling Supervisor in the North Sea. I am a keen club runner. This is my Web site to show everybody what is going on in my mundane existence. Please enjoy the snaps and video clips.

Please check my other website www.run50at50.co.uk to see what i did in 2011 to raise money and celebrate my 50th year.

At 53 years old, i am now slowing down a bit! I still enjoy the running (Not as fast or as far now!), i finally gave up the golf as i was getting to bad to enjoy it!,  still love the boys (Young men now though), still worship Springsteen (28 year now), getting an addiction now for Rollercoasters. (Cheap medical check, if i am still breathing when i get off, then the heart is still pumping. Easy Check)

Life has changed dramatically in last couple of yeasrs, unfortunaely Wendy and i grew apart and seperated. I then met the lovely Linda, and moved to Scotland to start this new amazing part of my life.  Had a great 2014, getting to know my new family, settling in Scotland. We had an awesome first big holiday to Arizona and California. Gasped in awe at Sedona and the Grand Canyon.

The whole show was fantastic in July 2013, but this was a highlight. Surprise guest Eric Burden from The Animals and a monster "We gotta get out of this place". The Millenium Stadium was jumping
2011 was a big year for me, i got to 50 years old Check my challenge website to see what i did to mark this event www.run50at50.co.uk
Picture from weekly Gorleston Cliffs Park Run, time trial every Saturday morning, strangely addictive. Now running Aberdeen Park Run as well.